North Carolina
Commodities Conference
January 12-14, 2022


To: Stakeholders of the North Carolina Agricultural Community
Subject: Cancellation of the 2021 North Carolina Commodities Conference

The North Carolina Commodities Conference has been held annually since 1990 ‐ providing the state's agricultural community a forum for shared ideas, a venue for Board business and a place to commune with business partners and like‐minded individuals. In recent years, the Conference has averaged 600 growers and Ag professionals and roughly 200 vendors and sponsors. Recognizing the unique role the Conference plays we, the organizers, in consultation with our respective boards, have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 event originally scheduled for January 14th and 15th.

2020 has offered up more than its fair share of surprises and unfortunately the effects of COVID‐19 continue to linger, both in‐terms of new infection rates and associated legal guidelines, designed to mitigate disease transmission, established by the Governor's office. Current phase 3 guidelines cap conference gatherings at 100 individuals or less, which would severely limit participation in our event and throw the financial model into question. Our obligation to be responsible stewards of grower checkoff dollars and our recognition of the continued health risks associated with mass gathering make the conference untenable for January 2021.

The Sheraton Imperial RTP has been graciously allowed us to rebook the NC Commodities Conference for 2022 when we look forward to recommencing the event with good health and renewed enthusiasm. Best Regards,

Owen Wagner – North Carolina Soybean Producers Association
David Parrish – North Carolina Cotton Producers Association
Rhonda Garrison – Corn Growers Association of North Carolina, Inc.
Nikki Johnson – North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association, Inc